How To Make a Pull Out Couch More Comfortable

How to Make a Pull Out Couch More Comfortable

Let’s face it: sofa beds get a bad rap. They’re stereotyped as uncomfortable contraptions only suitable for emergency sleepovers. But what if we told you your trusty pull out couch could be a haven for cozy nights or surprise guests?

The Pull Out Couch’s Hidden Potential

They’re space-saving solutions, perfect for studios or guest rooms. They transform your living room into a guest bedroom in seconds and are ideal for hosting friends and family. 

Who doesn’t love the versatility of lounging on a comfy couch and then effortlessly converting it into a bed?

Why Is My Pull Out Couch So Uncomfortable? 

While they are a handy piece of furniture, they aren’t known for comfort. What turns a sofa bed into a sleep tormentor? There are a few culprits behind your discomfort:

  • Thin Mattresses — Unlike a regular mattress designed for nightly use, pull out mattresses are often thin and made with lower-quality materials. 
  • The Dreaded Bar — That unforgiving metal bar where the couch folds can wreak havoc on your back. It creates an uneven sleep surface that can leave you feeling sore or seized up in the morning.
  • Sagging and Uneven Wear — Over time, the mattress on your pull out can sag in specific areas, creating uncomfortable dips and uneven support.

5 Ways to Make a Pull Out Couch More Comfortable

1. The Magic of Mattress Toppers

Think of a mattress topper as your pull out’s comfort knight in shining armor. A high-quality memory foam topper cradles your body, adds pressure relief, and creates a smoother sleep surface. 

Opt for a 1.5” to 2” thickness for optimal comfort without compromising the folding mechanism.

2. Consider a New Mattress

If your pull out mattress is beyond saving (think deep indentations or sagging), consider a dedicated pull out mattress replacement. There are many different thicknesses and comfort levels to suit your needs, and affordable options to fit any budget.

3. Banish the Bar: The Sofa Bar Shield

One comfort hurdle lies within the sofa bed’s frame. Here’s the solution: a sofa bar shield. This clever invention creates a smooth, comfortable barrier between you and the dreaded bar

You can find pre-made options online or get creative with DIY solutions like folded towels or plywood.

4. Flip It!

Just like regular mattresses, pull out mattresses benefit from flipping. This evens out wear and tear, extends its lifespan, and prevents uneven dips. Check your specific couch’s instructions for proper flipping techniques.

5. Fill the Gaps With Sofa Cushions

Strategic pillow placement can work wonders. Use extra throw pillows and couch cushions to fill any gaps between the metal frame and the mattress, creating a more unified sleep surface. You can also use pillows for additional back or head support.

Conquer those uncomfortable nights and unlock the full potential of your multi-functional furniture!


Can you put a foam mattress on a sleeper sofa?

Absolutely! A memory foam topper adds comfort and pressure relief. Just pick one that’s 1.5” to 2” thick to avoid folding problems.

Is a sleeper sofa the same as a pull out couch?

Sleeper sofa and pull out couch are often used interchangeably, and they generally describe the same type of furniture.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Sleeper Sofa — This is the broader term encompassing any sofa that can be converted into a bed. This could include pull-out couches, but also other mechanisms like futons or fold-out beds.

Pull Out Couch — This is the most common type of sleeper sofa, and it is a specific type of sleeper sofa in which the bed section pulls out from the frame.