What Makes Sleeping On A Sofa Bed Sofa Uncomfortable?

Are you sick and tired of that metal bar poking you in the back? 
Tired of springs?  Replace that old uncomfortable sofa bed mattress with one of our luxury replacements!

Are you embarrassed to have overnight guests sleep on your sofa bed mattress?  Does everyone complain about that metal bar or those coils digging into their back?  Well, guess what?  You’re not alone! In fact, those are usually the first two things callers say when they contact us for a solution.

Unfortunately, the majority of sofa beds, regardless of quality, use a cheap factory installed coil sofa bed mattress.  These back-breaking mattresses are constructed using a thin layer of padding on top of the cheapest coil system available.  In fact, the construction of these sofa bed mattresses is usually so poor, that the average person can easily compress the border of the mattress down to an inch in thickness by using only their thumb and index finger!

Fortunately, all of the sofa bed mattresses on SofaBedMattress.com, are constructed using zero coils and the finest quality foam that money can buy.  All of our sofa bed mattresses are guaranteed to eliminate the notorious metal bar feeling and to be the most comfortable sofa mattresses you will ever try, or we will actually pay to have them shipped back! 

(See return policy.  Some restrictions apply).

To take a look at our sofa bed mattress replacements, click here.

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